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In 1973 a special issue of the Australian Littoral Society’s journal Operculum was produced entitled “Jervis Bay – the Future?” Today, more than a decade later, the question mark remains. At the present time attention is focused on the Bay by various proposals for relocation of Naval facilities from Sydney. However, even if these plans do not reach fruition, it has to be recognised that the Bay and its hinterland is still likely to come under increasing pressure for a wide variety of reasons. Jervis Bay has long been the subject of development proposals – the more grandiose of the thankfully never became reality. Nevertheless, the patterns of subdivision and land tenure around the Bay are to a large extent a legacy of these earlier plans, and it is these patterns which will be a major factor in determining future developments. It is appropriate in this introduction to outline some of the development history of the area.
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Published on 06 Jan 2010.
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