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Avifauna of the Shortland Wetlands.


G Albrecht ,

M Maddock


The Shortland Wetlands first came under scrutiny as a wetland habitat in an assessment by Pressey (1981), who identified the area as one of the 25 wetlands areas in the Lower Hunter Valley floodplain as outstanding with highest priority for conservation. Pressey gave it such a rating because of the particularly high faunal value as a known roasting and breeding area for many species, several in large numbers. Gosper (1981) recorded roosting and breeding of several species for the period 1970-1977 at Shortland. The Shortland Wetlands are located near the Newcastle suburb of Shortland and straddle Sandgate Road (the Newcastle by-pass route) between the Shortland shopping centre and the Pacific Highway at Sandgate (see map in figure 1). They represent a remnant of the typical Lower Hunter estuarine – fress water wetland complex, described by Watehouse (1981), which has been subjected to considerable interference and degradation.
How to Cite: Albrecht, G. and Maddock, M., 2009. Avifauna of the Shortland Wetlands.. Wetlands Australia, 5(2), pp.53–69. DOI:
Published on 13 Oct 2009.
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