Reading: Photosynthesis in mangroves.


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Photosynthesis in mangroves.


M C Ball


The study of photosynthesis has received much attention in recent years, in part because our knowledge and technology has expanded to the point where it is possible to integrate photosynthetic responses at various levels of organisation. This review will summarize our understanding of photosynthesis in mangroves at the biochemical and physiological levels of functioning as a basis for understanding photosynthesis in an environmental context. Ecophysiological aspects of photosynthesis will not be considered in this review because there have been few advances in this area since publication of an excellent review by Clough et al. (1982).
How to Cite: Ball, M.C., 2009. Photosynthesis in mangroves.. Wetlands Australia, 6(1), pp.12–22. DOI:
Published on 13 Oct 2009.
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