Reading: Towards a wetlands conservation strategy.


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Towards a wetlands conservation strategy.


P Adam


A major role of the Coast and Wetlands Society is to promote the conservation of wetlands. This we attempt to do through representation to government, by making submission on particular development projects, and, above all, through our publications, presenting evidence on the value of wetlands. Within the society there has been considerable discussion about what wetlands conservation is about and how our aims might be best achieved. My aim in this paper is to present a review of the arguments for wetland conservation and to advance some ideas on how the Society might promote wetland conservation in the future. The viewpoint adopted is a personal one, the subject is one to which I have given much thought but I would not claim to have the ‘right’ answers. However, by committing to print my views I hope to stimulate others so that the Society as a whole may both develop and implement an active conservation strategy.
How to Cite: Adam, P., 2009. Towards a wetlands conservation strategy.. Wetlands Australia, 4(2), pp.33–48. DOI:
Published on 13 Oct 2009.
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