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Aquarian activists


C D Field


Flushed with the success of victories in the battles to protect rain forests in New South Wales and wilderness areas in Tasmania, local conservationists are now preparing to defend areas of threatened wetlands. A wetlands coalition of several conservation organisations has been formed in New South Wales with the aims of reminding government of their promises, creating an inventory of threatened wetlands and giving support to protecting specific wetlands. The coalition is demanding that a State environment policy should be gazetted requiring that all remaining wetlands be preserved through appropriate zoning in environmental plans; buffer zones be declared and controls placed on nearby development to ensure protection of water quality and habitat. The coalition is also demanding that action should proceed under such legislation as the Coastal Protection Act, Heritage Act, Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, National Parks and Wildlife Service Act, Fisheries and Oyster Farms Act, to prevent any clearing or draining of wetlands that may be allowable under present zoning. These laudable aims appear as a distinct echo of the past.
How to Cite: Field, C.D., 2009. Aquarian activists. Wetlands Australia, 3(2), p.pp. 57. DOI:
Published on 17 Oct 2009.
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