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Saltmarsh plants of New South Wales


Paul Adam

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School of Botany University of New South Wales Sydney 2033
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Introduction: The flora of saltmarshes is, when compared with that of other habitats, small. In the Sydney region the bulk of the biomass on saltmarshes is provided by about half a dozen species. The total saltmarsh flora is much larger but imperfectly documented. This paper provides a Key to saltmarsh species in NSW – using it, it should be possible to identify at least the most common and widespread species on saltmarshes around Sydney. However, the Key makes no pretentions to completeness; many more species will be present on some saltmarshes. To identify these the user is advised to turn to a more comprehensive flora such as Beadle, Evans and Carolin (1972); the extensively illustrated guide by Galbraith (1977) will also prove useful.
How to Cite: Adam, P., 2010. Saltmarsh plants of New South Wales. Wetlands Australia, 1(1), pp.11–19. DOI:
Published on 04 Jan 2010.
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