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The health of Lake Illawarra - a status report


R. J. Morrison ,

R. J. West


Lake Illawarra is a coastal water body in south-eastern Australia that has been dramatically influenced by human activities. This paper attempts to assess the current status of the Lake from an ecological health perspective. The issues associated with defining ecosystem health and the selection and use of indicators are discussed. Lake Illawarra is, geomorphologically, a middle-aged estuary, which, in terms of responding to recent stresses, is in reasonably good condition. Detailed analysis of current stresses and their possible impacts is difficult due to the nature of most of the available information Much of the data has come from short-term studies using a variety of techniques, making historical comparisons difficult. Nevertheless, indications of ongoing stress are apparent. Information gaps have been identified, and recommendations for future assessments of the condition of the Lake are presented.
How to Cite: Morrison, R.J. and West, R.J., 2006. The health of Lake Illawarra - a status report. Wetlands Australia, 21(2), pp.pp. 203–216. DOI:
Published on 28 Feb 2006.
Peer Reviewed


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