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Wetlands of the Lake Innes - Cathie catchment


Colin Creighton

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The Innes-Cathie catchment is located on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, south of Port Macquarie, Lake Innes is a shallow 464 hectare lake surrounded by 1471 hectares of wetlands. The Lake Cathie system is composed of Lake Cathie (32 hectares of open water and 180 hectares of wetlands) and Cathie Channel (45 hectares of open tidal water and 406 hectares of wetlands). Innes Swamp (620 hectares) drains into Cathie Channel (map 1). Lake Cathie and Cathie Channel display a series of attributes similar to other ephemeral entrance coastal lagoons of the New South Wales coast (Roy, 1982). Lake Innes was isolated from tidal flows until a channel was dug connecting Lake Innes to Cathie Channel in 1933. Prior to 1933 interconnection of the two lake systems only occurred during periods of high water level when the ocean entrance was closed.
How to Cite: Creighton, C., 2010. Wetlands of the Lake Innes - Cathie catchment. Wetlands Australia, 5(1), pp.20–31. DOI:
Published on 23 Jan 2010.
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