Reading: Tri-butyl tin information summary: September 1988.


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Tri-butyl tin information summary: September 1988.


M Scammell


The use of antifouling paints containing tributyl tin became a political issue in New South Wales during the second half of 1988, resulting in the State Government announcing a partial ban on the application of those paints effective from March 1989. The Oyster Farmers Association of Australia requested the ban on the basis that Tributyl tin was damaging their industry. At the time no Australian studies on the effects of tributyl tin had been published. In response to requests for information, I prepared a summary of work undertaken in Australia and some of the work undertaken overseas on the impacts of tributyl tin on the marine environment. Although the use of tributyl tin based paints on most recreational craft is no longer permitted in NSW, this outline of the case supporting the implementation of the ban may be of interest, as little of the background information has been generally available. This account is not a formal scientific paper, but it is hoped that the detailed scientific evidence will be published elsewhere.
How to Cite: Scammell, M., 2009. Tri-butyl tin information summary: September 1988.. Wetlands Australia, 9(1), pp.pp. 36–39. DOI:
Published on 16 Oct 2009.
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