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A Guide to the Greenhouse effect


A Henderson-Sellers

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Prof. A. Henderson-Sellers School of Earth Sciences Macquarie University.
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The ‘greenhouse effect’ is the best, most fully established theory in atmospheric science. It is this well-understood, greenhouse effect that keeps the Venus surface hot enough to bake potatoes out in the open while the lack of all but a very thin greenhouse makes the Martian surface resemble a very effective commercial deep freeze! Scientists predicted these temperatures with models before spacecraft measured them. The same models predict a warming for the Earth of between 3 and 4 degrees C by 2030. We understood radiative transfer very well. The theory is based on sound physics and as far as we know there is no antidote within the natural Earth system – except ofcourse to remove the gases from the atmosphere again. This is a very costly process; such a costly antidote to warming is not, in my opinion, something which we are likely to see.
How to Cite: Henderson-Sellers, A., 2010. A Guide to the Greenhouse effect. Wetlands Australia, 10(1), pp.3–6. DOI:
Published on 07 Jan 2010.
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