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D A Pollard

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Fisheries Research Institute PO Box 21 Cronulla NSW 2230.
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Following the 1985 “Villach Statement” on the role of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in global climate change, the Australian Commonwealth Government’s Commission for the Future, in association with the CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research, established as Australia-wide Greenhouse Project focused on planning on climate change. This project was designed to encourage the Australian scientific community to consider more actively the likely impact of greenhouse-induced climate changes predicted by recent atmospheric research, and resulted in an interdisciplinary conference entitled “Greenhosue 87; Planning for Climate Change” (Pearman 1988a)
How to Cite: Pollard, D.A., 2010. Preface. Wetlands Australia, 10(1), p.1. DOI:
Published on 07 Jan 2010.
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