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Common seaweeds of the Sydney region


Robert J King


The seaweed or macroalgal flore of the New South Wales coast remains poorly known though the matter is been addressed in some recent papers, and a full-time taxonomic phycologist has now been appointed to the national Herbarium, Sydney. The "Field Guide to the Marine Plants of NSW' (Borowitskz et al. 1982) is now somewhat out of date, with the more recent publications of Wonersley (1984, 1987) in the South Australia handbook series. While these later publication deal specifically with the marine flora of southern Australia many of the species also occur in NSW. However these 'Floras' cannot be used uncritically in this area. In this paper some of the more common rocky shore eulittoral species are illustrated. This is designed specifically to provide information appropriate to school student excursions.
How to Cite: King, R.J., 2010. Common seaweeds of the Sydney region. Wetlands Australia, 8(1), pp.33–35. DOI:
Published on 07 Jan 2010.
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