Reading: Annotated bibliography on the marine environment of Jervis Bay.


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Annotated bibliography on the marine environment of Jervis Bay.


Peter Waterman ,

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Environmental Management Services PTY LTD Holder, ACT 2611
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D Leadbitter

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Leichhardt, Sydney
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The purpose of this paper is to indicate the limited scope of past scientific research on the marine environment of Jervis bay by listing references to geological, geomorphological, hydrological and marine biologicalwork in this area. The coverage is considered to be comprehensive rather than exhaustive and is dated to December 1986. Items listed are ordered chronologically in an annotated bibliography, so as the show the spread of research work over the past twenty years. The literature search carried out for the preparation of this paper did not locate any publications specific to either marine biology or coastal and nearshore habitats prior to 1966. Several general references are made to the Bay in all editions of Dakin, from 1952 onwards. Also there are some earlier references to the geology of the area but these are adequately synthesised by Walker (1967) and Taylor (1970). Literature covered by this annotated bibliography also includes unpublished reports and manuscripts. There has been a wide range of submissions by government departments and agencies and private organisations to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Environment and Conservation (HORSCEC) which relate to marine biological matters, including fisheries of the Bay. The presence of this material is noted and the two HORSCEC reports (1975 and 1986) and one submission are included in the bibliography.
How to Cite: Waterman, P. and Leadbitter, D., 2010. Annotated bibliography on the marine environment of Jervis Bay.. Wetlands Australia, 6(2), pp.91–102. DOI:
Published on 06 Jan 2010.
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